Nicholas of Cusa and Dzogchen

In things which are or live or understand, nothing can be seen other than Posse (Possibility) Itself, whose manifestations are posse to be, posse to live, and posse to understand.

–Nicholas of Cusa Christian Mystic 15th century

With respect to this pure presence (rigpa), the three aspects of the state of Samantabhadra are truly complete: being devoid of any karmic traces, its Essence which is the Dharmakaya is emptiness; being devoid of thoughts and concepts, its Nature which is the Sambhogakaya is clarity; being devoid of any desires or attachments (its Energy) which is the Nirmanakaya is unobstructed and uninterrupted.

–Namkhai Norbu, Tibetan Master 20th c.

posse to be=Dharmakaya

posse to understand=Sambhogakaya

posse to live=Nirmanakaya



This presence continues almost unabatedly daily. In the waking state anyway. I don’t know why I blank out in the dream state. So it is. I feel its close to happening, but not entirely sure. Remembering a great amount of detail in the dreams–just not quite lucid.

There was so much tension and emotiionality around the dissolving of the community and the loss of my job. So many different actors and events. Perspectives abounding. Mine towards others. Others towards me. Mine about the events, others about the events, each other about each other’s perspectives on the events. Mine about others on others. I must write as if the events were different from the perspectives themselves or their union different from the Posse of perspectives as such. A criss-crossing network, overlaid and built on internality, shared (and not so shared in some cases) meaning. Deduction, induction, abduction, reduction, injunction, conjunction.

Those contractions were somehow loosed a few days back. Since that dropping, this presence. This Witness and Spectator. But it is that only–The Witness. Turiya, not turiyatita. I can feel that last cord, constricted at the upper back half of my head. I know subjectively this presence. And I know objectively that all objective, 3rd person perspectives, are nothing other than this presence. Still the latter is too cognitive it feels. But even that perspectives arises (self-liberated) out of this awareness, this background.

I watched Hero the other night with a buddy. The whole movie has this incredibly contemplative current on which the rest of the movie floats. All the fighting, plotting, romancing, arises out of this silent empty ground. J called it a groundwire. White burns the hottest. The flame is so hot it is peaceful and no longer felt as hot. The All and all manifests as sparks of red, orange, green brilliant embers of relationality, neither obstructing nor dirtying this white light heat.

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  1. Beautiful.

    Thank you for your presence,

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