The Midnight Sun of Terrorism

Just this. Just this immensity.

An exhalation, a throw, a cosmic cough. Only ecstasy in this immortal frame. Sex, laughter, and God Realization as Da says. True intimacy. Friends, lovers, creativity, the biological world, children. The eroticization and humorization and divinization of all activity.

Without this remembrance…separations, thoughts, emotions, ideologies.


A quick tour of the relative world.

America has clearly announced itself as an empire. A neo-imperialist agenda doomed to failure. The neocons wrote their paper in the 90s on The New American Century. All they needed, they said, was a cataclysmic attack on American soil to initiate their plan for unipolar world dominance. Be wary what you wish for. Strange, harrowing alliances. Evangelicals supporting Israeli expansion in the West Bank to help bring about the Apocalypse. I wonder if the Ultra Orthodox Jews who accept aid from the Christian Right know that they are fodder in the Christian theological agenda. They are supporting them to bring down Christ who will then destroy all of these unbelievers. The American Empire with the Moral Majority, and its theocratic worldview.

On the other hand, it is so much worse than the liberal criticism. They assume–wrongly–that the problem is the US Empire. It’s all they talk about. It’s so much more frightening. No one is doing it right. The US is just the most powerful and most ambitious do-badder at the moment. If the US were off the scene, who would save democracy from terrorism? The French? The Germans? The UN?

An neo-imperalist war that has legitimized the one group that must be destroyed–the terrorists. The Iraq War has destroyed the possibility of future humanitarian incursions, like in Bosnia or Somalia.

Nuclear secrets up for sale in Pakistan, HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) unprotected in Russia.

And China. The US must be doing three things: eliminating the terrorist threat through policing actions; eradicating the source of 3rd World Anger by reducing foreign debt, curing disease, providing healthy water and food, etc.; and establishing a worldcentric networked alliance that has the power to dangle economic and material prosperity to China while having the ability to force it recognize human rights and democracy.

All three of which require networked post-post conventional thinking. Instead we have George Bush.

More scary still–Iran. Who would love better than to learn the Chinese secret of economic expansion and ideological governmental control? Think the mullahs and not the Politburo. We can’t invade; they can fire on Israel and Europe. Our armies are streched too thinly now. They are going to have nuclear capabilities, if they don’t already. We gave no support to the reform movement, and now they are sunk. The populace is sullen and apathetic. And what if Iraq becomes an Shia Theocracy–who better to join up with than Shia neighbor Iran?

Democracy may fail. The Modern Project might not succeed. Only Blair, Clinton, and The King of Jordan seem to understand what is at stake. The Europeans are closed in on themselves and continually more and more lost in their deconstructive, mind-losing agenda.

Nuclear threat. Terrorism. The coming global catastrophes from geoclimatic changes, which the press won’t mention scares The Pentagon more than al-Qaeda. A population swell of young unemployed men, particularly in the Middle East. But then, and perhaps more frightening, by the middle of next century, the major population decline. The coming of gerontological age. Families having only one child in China/India–preferring of course boys. AIDS hitting women in Africa harder than men.

In the 19th century it is said, humans mastered chemistry. In the 20th, physics. In the 21st, it will be biology. What kind of ethics do we have to handle such dangerous and potentially life-giving as well as life-ending knowledge? With a flatland philosophy dominating the globe–with the choice between religious fundamentalism, market absolutism, and postmodern deconstructionism/nihilism, the outlook is bleak. Will these rising threats only further entrench us in our perspectives and lead to further and further annihilation? Or will they be the catalyst for integral change?


In the Great Perfection none of this matters. When contemplating Christ, The Holy Immortal One, all of this subsides. Only love, only burning, aching bliss. From the space of the God-Man I feel Pervez Musharraf. Osama bin Landen. Donald Rumsfield. They are terrestial specks. Blips of consciousness on the radar of awareness. There is only the terrorism of my blissful Heart. As Christ extends the limbs of his mystical body, there is only this groaning of all creation. Everything else is just a wave, a rolling forth from this One. Nothing can destroy this One. AMEN.

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  1. You have an inspiring, fiery vision.

  2. Not assured.

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