Right–Glory (Ortho-doxa)

Re-reading Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses. Too bad that people don’t know, Christian or not, the Mystical Tradition of the Orthodox Church. So profound. Gregory talks about how when Moses ascended the moutain that he heard trumpets and that they got louder the higher he climbed. Now who in this day and age would comprehend that he is talking about the SHABD–the Cosmic Hum described by the Indian Yogis and Saints? Who is going to remember these things?

Or that the tabernacle seen by Moses had four partitions: the breath, body, emotion, and mind (as descried by Da). That which is to be always surrendered to God.

From the right hand quadrants, everything is matter–that is energy, that is vibration. All is simply a modification of light-energy. The subtler forms are potential fields of future evolutionary–right now they only hum as the involutionary arc descends moment by moment.

Moses after having the vision of the burning bush and seeing God in light (Subtle Mysticism) ascends the mountain and experiences God in the Darkness. Causal Mysticism. What else could it be? The Void, The Deep Sleep of Brahman.

Reptition of the name of Jesus. Jesus always on my lips, heart, and mind. There are two great laws in the spiritual traditions. Whatever you put your attention on you become. And inversely, whatever you cease to feed energetically dies out from non-use.

Remember Christ always, therefore, and you will become a god. A partaker of the divine nature. Cease to place attention on the ego and false self and it will be crucified from neglect, crying out to its chooser (The Soul): Why have you abandoned me?

One of my main wishes in life would be to finally help unravel the theological knot between Eastern and Western Christianity.

Without mysticism, Christianity is nothing.

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  1. wonderful stuff.

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