Finished reading Fareed Zakaria’s book on Illiberal Democracy. Really eye-opening. Interiors, how can we go on neglecting the reality of interiors? Zakaria without knowing it is very Spiral. Using the Anglo-American experience as a model, he says: 1. Have a landed aristocracy (blue) liberalize the economy and grants political freedoms. 2. Wait for a strong enough percentage of the population to reach a certain economic stature (middle class–who are going to be orange), then open the political system to more democractic processes. Democracy without liberalism is a big problem. So in my earlier piece I meant to say “Liberalism” or “Liberal democracy” is under threat, not democracy which exists all around us.

Politics, education, sustainability, economics, ecology–I think those are where integral can make the biggest splash, hopefully sooner rather than later. Liberalism really has to be saved both from without and worse from within, from itself even.


Leaving Canada in a few weeks. Going to the monastery in South Carolina for some period of time. Anywhere from a week to 3 months. Having gone through the integral thing, I have my spiritual seeking left, but in a lot of ways I feel nothing from the waking state. I still have an “I”, still have an ego–it is very much centrated in the subtle, dreamy realm (early or low subtle anyway). Still relative. Still this and that. Better and worse. The book, the monastery, the girl, the ministry, the friendships, the future–all pretty much gone. I can now reinhabit them with renewed energy (though I haven’t really yet) in a more clean manner. With little to no attachment.

Right now I feel more like floating. Integral judgments and thoughts come as needed, but more than that mostly just compassion, love, presence. Seems frontally like absent-mindedness or apathy–at least that is how others have sometimes read it.

Remember the clarity is connection, not just spaciousness but fulfillment.

Heal The Spiral. Heal The Spiral. Follow your Prime Directive.

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