From the Washington Post

The best article I’ve seen on Alito–as always and not suprisingly, shows that both the supporters and detractors’ claims about the man and his views are not investigated.

Could the Democrats do anything of value in our democracy—please? They have got to be the biggest bunch of cowards imaginable. The Republicans are imbeciles, but at least they have a plan, imbecilic and destructive though it may be.

To Sen Kennedy: Dude, the 70s are over—both for the Neo-Reaganite types and the long waxed and useless arguments that all non elite-whites are racists. Could we please move on?

To the Dems: If you want justices with your judicial philosophy, then you actually have to win elections. Presidential and Congressional. I know that might come as a surprise to you. Otherwise you just come off as spoiled kids wanting to stop the game and take your ball home because you’re getting beat and nobody wants you on their team. You have to–I know this is crazy–admit that you a minority party. That you do not represent the interests of large sectors of the American populace. You’d have to admit your constituency is basically elite Coastal Liberals (aka Cultural Creatives) and special interests groups/unions (aka political dinosaurs).

I mean look at how pathetic the Republicans are–in the Executive branch, hello? And the Legislative–Jack Abrahamoff anyone? And you still won’t beat them in 2006.

A pox on both these houses.

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