A Dream Dreamt

Nouns do not ex-ist. They are mere abstractions from the arising of perspectives in worldspaces. Even that last sentence, even the word sentence, is itself an abstraction (abstraction the embodiment of its own definition).

David Bohm somewhere spoke of verbal nouns and attempted to create a methodology for translating all nouns into verbal nouns.

I was thinking of this in relation to Wilber’s newest (and most radical) post-metaphysical linguistic/semiotic analyses. (Briefly outlined in Integral Spirituality draft).

His most daring assertion, as I see it, is: the meaning of a statement is its injunction.

From there he begins to parse nouns according to the toolkit (quadrants, levels, lines, states, types) plus altitude and methodology/injunction.

All else is metaphysics. All else, no matter how wise and researched, does make transparent the process by which one locates in the fluid worldspaces (7/L, 1st person plural) of the Kosmos.

It forces integral to no longer be simply placed upon others–at best leading only to healthier lower-level translation.

Every statement we make should simultaneously be the statement and the means (injunction) whereby it is “seen.”

It is to re-calibrate the entire course of human study/life: politics, education, law, philosophy, religion–by making transparent the entire process by which we understand, speak, guess, and decide.

This process alone will slowly objectify (3rd person plural) entire lingustic-social-cultural-human mental order to itself, felt interiorly (1st person perspective) as a differentiation and healthy sense of distance.

The noosphere becoming the object, the beginning of the theosphere (9/L).

As Dr. Greuter has described the first post-postconventional level of self-identity line (9/L, 3px1p singular) as self-construct. The rules, mechanisms, and processes of the self–in the worldspace (9/L, 3px1p plural) of the collective, noosphere-construct perhaps–aware to itself.

Our current cognitive apparti can not hold in communal understanding of the arising of perspectives and location-markers, for say an individual holon, by state, stage, lines, types, and pathologies.

It will require a mind-meld of sorts, a collective depth-surge of interiority to feel beyond the abstract concept of perspectives (7/L), the feeling-response-attention of manifestation rising moment-to-moment.

I begin to dream a dream when I meditate on this new insight.

An organic wedding of bios and technos, the human body (7-8/L, 3rd person singular) achieving even more far out possibilities than a super marathon, how bout a super-duper marathon–like 200 miles, who knows?.

Jedi Knight-like Councils of the Wise/Compassionate who must gaze into the arising interior moments of the Kosmos, of the worldspaces, feeling into the pathologies, the dis-eased parts. Psychic surgies performed in unison.

Food grown in abudance in minute locations, allowing the mass of Earth to be given back to Nature and grown wild, her Eros resurgent. The human imprint light and nimble on this Earth, economically opening homo ludens (playful humanity) to give expression its deeper creative urges, freed from the shackles of hard, grinding, anonymous labor.

The darkness of space no longer dark as we sacrifice this attention into intelligizing the very space-fabric (8/L, 3rd person plural) itself.

Or a renewed techne and even more disturbing and vengeful Big Sibling. The tentacles of Empire (6/L, 3rd person plural) reaching ever more deeply into the flesh. The rebellion of social-political enlightenment, worldly liberation, freeing of the relative mind, grown ever more dangerous and courageous, and secretive.

Wars with ro/nanobots, terrorism of the mind and soul, the harnessing of the subtle underlying archetypes of Nature (9/L) for good and/or for horrific ill.

Mass joblessness created as technology and economics outpaces political and cultural rule sets. The rich, through bioengineering appear almost a different race, frightening by the chaos, ejecting into space pods, aristocratic interstellar communities of privilege–bluebloods of the stars abandoning the masses to eat their (GMO) cake.

Both dreams (mostly) freed of the musings of common place science fiction, themselves all weded to a simply more complex noospheric reality, either techno-utopic or techno-apocalyptic. The utopias and disutopias of those visions the reverse side of unconsciously lacking understanding of deep emergence. The punctuated equilibria of bodies and minds, singulars and collectives.

All of which, however, is still just a visioning of THIS, the Nature of this Experience and the future experiences, however they develop, of those worlds.

For now, a much humbler task. Living concretely in these materialized worlds (Levels 1-8, mostly 1-6). Living with the weight of this vision and knowing (in its greatest possibility) that it will not come true in your life.

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  1. Third time’s a charm!

    What I really want to say is I’m blown away by your blog. I’ve never seen anything on the Web as scholarly, yet accessible as your posts. You seem to me to be the KW of Christian mysticism.

    May we awaken together!

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