The Authentic Third Tier

Away from politics to more meditative pursuits.

From some really excellent posts on identity see Mystery of Existence. None of this is directly related to those writings per se, but in the same general vein (I think).

In very abstract language there is the move from worldcentric to Kosmocentric identity. In coloring that is from turquoise/early indigo into late indigo-violet. aka 3rd-tier.

Andrew Cohen’s teaching is based on transcend and exclude. That is something like, go 3rd-tier, and stay out. Hence, for me, his teaching as “impersonal enlightenment.” Positively, though what Kosmocentricism does (again in abstract terms for the moment) is start to deeply deconstruct the self-sense.

And by deconstruct I do not mean in the green-relativist way of saying we are social-cultural products or even the modernist way of ecological holism: strands in the web. Because the latter is still definitely part and parcel of the modernist monological myth of given/observer modality. And the former while (sometimes) at least post-modernist in its understanding of social-cultural construction is itself lost in its own metaphysics: society and culture taken as given myths.

I mean a much deeper cleansing and the need to self-reference. There is still an “I” in communion (we) of course but it is different, of a different magnitude and order. Lighter, freer, fiercer, saner, and more sorrowful (as I feel it).

Last night talked to a good friend and let myself feel into those spaces which I haven’t in quite that way for some time. There are certain situations that the awake parts of me light up–that the most awake aspect. My edge is maybe the best word for it.

Abstractly, a third-tier transcend and include. That same meditation I spoke of with Bush and Iraq but to one’s own self. From the perspective/context of all arising as it (The Authentic Self). Speaking from that “violet” space not about it. Actually locating it–worldspaces are inner locations, real places in the Kosmos, just not physical. Though correlated physically–hence the need to locate not just interiorly but bodily. The integral (2nd-tier) identity is the centaur: integrating body and mind. The third-tier is the transcending of the centaur, his objectification in the Authentic Self.

To meditate on oneself that way is I found really frightening. To treat oneself both positively/negatively with such wide angle lens, with such deep desire to end the violence but without judgment of the self is steep. Little bit of inner vertigo. Makes this body and personality not fundamentally different than any other. But in a different way than “just” the Nondual. Not necessarily about seeing the essence underlying all and everything as manifestation. But dipping into the deep process underlying manifestation–as far as we can be aware of these at this point in evolution.

But what we discussed mostly was what would that be in real life. Not just in the exceptional moments–for me teaching, preaching, some writing, speaking with that close inner circle. What is it to communicate that in life? To live in that profound aching sorrow–instead of transcending and excluding?

My buddy said a wise thing. He was no longer interested in a new content (a different kind of experience) but the space from which experience (context) was arising. In my life right now more on the form side of the street (the positive I have learned from Authentic Self, Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings).

Integral pushed into indigo (post-metaphysics, semiotics, Kosmic addresses) leads to just about everything in the inner world possibly coming down to states and stages. It is a koan that invites only further participation–as soon as you think you have it, whatever you have is not the Tao.

The Authentic Self, the Third-Tier is somehow the beginning of the Soul/Subtle state become a stage–while still allowing that Soul exists at each any every stage all the way down. That is not confusing Soul as horizontal state-stage at any structure-stage.

It is the living out of the cryptic remark of Wilber’s that the stages are open-ended and not set yet their potential were laid down in Involution (happening in every second not just a one time deal). Those involutionary tracks are not pre-set nor only empty containers waiting to have their content filled in–the containers themselves are evolving/growing–but still are variations on the three great states as Wilber has said.

That last statement itself is likely part of the metaphysics of a post-metaphysics. I don’t know that we can actually know that phenomenologically reconstructed at this point in Evolution. But in the experience of the Authentic Self particularly achieved through Enlightened Communication there is such a sense. Evolutionary Enlightenment, in some form or other, which is just emerging on many fronts, is the beginning of the intersubjective path. A truly quadratic spirituality. The intersubjective treated not simply as the Sangha or community of practicioners but as the context for our way.

In Enlightened Discourse, there is this sense of a balance harmony between inner/outer I/We but that is an object in my awareness (the centaur objectified). That isn’t at all what is interesting at the moment–integral objectified and negated but preserved. At the same time it’s not the experience itself that is anymore particularly interesting either (not interested in temporary state as once was the case), but rather this becoming the way of life.

The next step I feel is to not want it to be the de facto MO because of its feeling of peace and release, but for it itself.

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  1. just feeling into the space/feeling in me after reading your words…really nice, thanks for sharing

    don’t feel that Cohen community adequately addresses shadow, however; states and stages, yes; shadow, not really
    Adyashanti community good on states; Adya darn healthy himself re: very little shadow; stages not really unpacked

    so, to me, the full deal of states, stages and shadow as part of integral spirituality is not available in a coherent, teacher-lead setting, at this point.

    but interested in your thoughts, if you’d do me the honor of responding.

  2. Yo Big Daddy,

    Thanks for the note.

    I don’t know much about Adyashanti, so I assume ur point about states/stages is valid. The stages issue lacking is pretty much valid (minus Genpo and Diane Hamilton I imagine) for just about all Eastern teachers in the West (and East for that matter).

    The Cohen people are pushing a stage, there are states but shadow works definitely suffers (if there at all).

    Again Genpo might be starting the thread of uniting the three–or at least helping creating a space for that to possibly emerge.

    Nobody knows yet what causes stage transformation–I’m fairly agnostic maybe even disbelieving that repeated states bring stage transformation. Not unless there is a deeper desire to actually transform and awareness that there is such a reality within oneself.

    Plus as Wilber much stage transformation is a product of new generations coming forth and the old dying off. Once people get locked into an identity–spiritual teacher, seeker, certain path, have a job, friends of the same basic waves, lifestyle, to really change stages threatens and upsets all of that.

    Particularly if you are going to develop into 2nd-tier stages but profoundly more so if entering to higher ones.

    For integral there is a chance some of that can become mainstream within our lifetime, so there is a deep need which sometimes gets unhealthy to make that happen.

    But for something like 3rd tier it is so far afield, the path becomes learning to live in this “secular” world and in small groups of trusted ones to push your edge as your yoga.

    There isn’t the luxury at indigo-violet of having a ready made AQAL answer to everything. You may bring it up it may help, but it is deeply objectified and flushed of self-identity when spoken.

    Requires a sense of humor, allrightness with things, and I’d say a deep sorrow–to really live through that and not avoid.

    My friend the other night quoted a line from Da: I am what is most attractive to you.

    Which brings into relief why his inquiry was “Avoiding Relationship?”

    What is most attractive in the moment and what parts of us avoid that?

    Peace bro.

  3. […] something I wrote on this blog in January of 2007: The Authentic Self, the Third-Tier is somehow the beginning of the Soul/Subtle state become a […]

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