A helpful practice I’ve found for awakening to the authentic self is a variant on the Big Mind process. I sit, let everything rest, and then repeat slowly: I am the Authentic Self. And then look and feel into the space, see if anything changes.

From my experiences through EC, I can re-recognize the “return” of the space-identity through this process. I don’t want it to sound gimmicky, it’s more a mantra and a sign of surrender.

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  1. really sounds like a states practice then, in this case — “authentic self” is a particular state-self, like “fully-functioning self” or the “master” or another Big Mind state-self

  2. durwin,

    just a sec. it can be a states-only practice, as I said. If it is “soul-like”, that makes sense.

    But the real address (I’m arguing) doesn’t rise until indigo/violet as a stage. (structure-stage).

    the simplicity beyond the complexity–the complexity is the second tier’s failure to be what it purports to be (integrating). In a total sense anyway–there’s certainly plenty of integration. the simplicity is the third-tier.

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