Juan Williams on Obama

Interesting analysis.  Pragmatic and yet idealistic.  Much like Obama himself.  Hopeful but not naive about the hurdles.  Obama represents, for Williams, the possibility of moving beyond racial politics to what he calls “shared values” politics.  By racial politics, he means I think, victim politics (which afflicts much more than certain elements of the Black Community).

[Ed note:  I hate to have to say this, but in our culture it seems I sadly must–Juan Williams is an African American man whose written a profound meditation on the Civil Rights movement.]

At first glance, the black-white response to Mr. Obama appears to represent breathtaking progress toward the day when candidates and voters are able to get beyond race. But to say the least, it is very odd that black voters are split over Mr. Obama’s strong and realistic effort to reach where no black candidate has gone before. Their reaction looks less like post-racial political idealism than the latest in self-defeating black politics.

Mr. Obama’s success is creating anxiety, uncertainty and more than a little jealousy among older black politicians. Black political and community activists still rooted in the politics of the 1960s civil rights movement are suspicious about why so many white people find this black man so acceptable.

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