Northrop Frye: Forerunner of AQAL Integral?

From his famous text, Anatomy of Criticism (1957!!!):

We have tried to show where the archetypal or mythic critic, the aesthetic form critic, the historical critic, belong in a comprehensive view of criticism.  Whether the comprehensive view is right or not, I hope some sense has been communicated of what folly it would be to try to exclude any of these groups from criticism.  As was said in the beginning, the present book is not designed to suggest a new program for critics, but a new perspective on their existing programs, which in themselves are valid enough.  The book attacks no methods of criticism, once that subject has been defined: what it attacks are the barriers between the methods.

I’ll have more to say on this book later.  I’m reading three of his books right now (Anatomy and his two largest works on Literature and the Bible/Religion).  He still has too much of the paternalism for my tastes (notice the WE not I in the above quotation).  On the other hand, I find his work more socially aware, communitarian, and realistic than say Bloom’s.  Frye was an ordained minister in the United Church of Canada.  I attend theological school with a number of Canadian United Church students.  So that probably explains my simpatico-ness with Frye.   Frye was Harold Bloom’s mentor.  Bloom then in turn Paglia’s.  Fascinating lineage.

Nonexclusion, enactment, and communal verification.  All are there.

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