NyTimes piece on calls for the execution (you read that correctly) of the British teacher who let the class name the teddy bear Muhammad.  Currently she is to serve 2 weeks with no lashes.

Sudan is one of the poorest countries on the planet–minus the elite making some fast cash off recent oil explorations.  It’s government

The other thing left unmentioned in the press is that Islam has always been connected in Sudan with anti-British imperialism.  This act, stupid and horrific as it is, is tapping back into that mindset.  Recall the siege of Khartoum where Col. Gordon (played by Charlton Heston) was overrun by the forces of the self-styled Mahdi.   Then as now the conquering Arab-influenced Sudanese Muslims kill Muslims (Darfur) who are seen to be a threat.

The Arabs were slave traders in Sudan.  The Islamic rule of the Northern Arab Sudanese has inflicted a 20 year civil war against Black (sub-Saharan) Christians and animists and now Black Muslims in the Darfur region.  For a time in the 90s, Sudan hosted AQSL (al-Qaeda Senior Leadership): bin Laden and Zawahiri.

It is a mythic aristocratic form (blue meme) of governance–a brutal one–that is using tribal militas (red meme) to kill opposition.  It is hardline Sunni medievalist in format.  Islam in Africa, by and large, particularly in Sudan (and Nigeria) is aligned with tribal rule.  A British teacher letting the children think for themselves is a threat to that order.  Though I’m sure she didn’t see it that way or intend it as such.  The rule of the chief is absolute.  Islam will have to detach itself from the tribal order in order to evolve in Africa.  Survive even perhaps at least in the sub-Saharan parts of the continent.

While praying for the woman and her family for a safe release (and the children who may receive anonymous beatings at home, anonymous to the outside world), this is a good thing to be exposed because it continues to undermine the foundations of the current form of Islam (not Islam en toto) practiced in the country.  Cultures and religions do self-inflict wounds.  It’s not all simply a passive, determined response, due to the history of colonialism or poverty as left-wing elements will argue.

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