Romney’s new pitch

He’s the only one who can keep together the Reaganite coalition: i.e. the libertarian-Wall Street Republicans, national security Rep., and social cons.

This seems like the best argument he can make.  If he wins New Hampshire, then I think he has a real shot at the nomination.  Rudy looks to be static.  McCain seems at this point like the best General Election Republican candidate, but I don’t see his path to victory.  And Thompson seems too far out of the nitty-gritty at this point.

The fight really could come down to the social con wing versus the high-rollers country club wing.  The Sam’s Club Republicans (Huck) versus the Wall Street ones (Romney).

If this were the 1950s, Romney could have run as the Rockefeller Republican he really is (I think he is). He’s done his pitch to the social cons about his Mormonism and his I’ll double Gitmo Bay pitch (to the security cons).  The only group who he seems to authentically represent however are the tax-cut business-side fiscal cons.

That spot of the Reaganite candidate was supposed to go to Fred Thompson I gather.  But maybe this is Romney’s zone now.  The problem with Romney is whether he can be believed—which Romney are we talking about? Romney 1, 2, or 3.0?

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