Update on Mark Steyn’s case

MacLean’s (Canada) has published a response to Mark Steyn, arguing that he is wrong and should be shown to be so in rational debate not through a Human Rights Commission Trial.

The response has come from two members of the Muslim Canadian Congress. This is the proper response to such work. Not calling for a closing of free speech–which as the two authors point out only supports Steyn’s thesis of coming Islamist domination and the End of Western Civilization.

The response to Steyn is here.
Steyn’s article (an excerpt from his book America Alone) is here.

The notion of charging Steyn with words inciting racial violence has come from a separate Canadian Muslim advocacy group: The Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC). I get the sense CIC is more right-wing Islamist which (as Steyn has correctly pointed out) love to use “fair” speech codes to silence opposition.

But the very existence of a pro-liberal (free speech) Muslim group questions the underlying assumption of Steyn’s thesis: namely that Islam (a la Huntington) is a monolithic civilizational block.

If M. Steyn did not exist it would be, I suppose, necessary to event someone to fill his role. Prophets of Doom always sell well. And point out for the rest of us, convinced there are problems but not inevitable catastrophes of which we are powerless (absent just mass slaughter) to do anything, issues that need attention. Just not usually very helpful solutions. Solution-proposals are not strong in apocalyptic thinking–religious or secular in nature.

e.g. Steyn’s extrapolation of demographic trends does not take into account that the Middle Eastern boom is already peaking and that historically high population rates of youth lead to revolutionary periods (e.g. the early phase of the French Revolution), but then that group reaches middle age and then re-stabilizes and a new conservative/moderating force takes over (e.g. Napoleonic phase of French Revolution and the return of the Empire). Why should this one be any different?

(Hat tip:  Eteraz).

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