What Pairings=A Bloomberg Run?

This blog entry from HuffPo suggests that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Neb. Sen. Chuck Hagel (R) are on weekly phone calls, and possibly considering a run.

So earlier when the buzz around a Bloomberg run was going, Rudy and Hillary were still way ahead in their respective parties nomination polls. Which of course suggested Bloomberg is out (3 New York Candidates for prez—2 New York mayors?).

But now the races are more open. Possible scenarios where I could see Bloomberg getting in.  (Assuming he is waiting to see who the nominees are and then making a decision).
Huckabee versus Edwards. —Definitely in if this is the pairing. And I would vote for Bloomberg if it between those two. This seems like the best one from Bloom’s perspective. He becomes the free-trade, pro-business centrist to two economic populists/progressives.

Romney versus Edwards—Possible but not definite.  Romney gets business votes (presumably) and old-guard Republican establishment support.  Bloomberg could run a middle position on Iraq (Romney seems for long term stay, Edwards for very quick drawdown).

Any combination of Giuliani and/or Clinton makes a Bloomberg run (to me) seem unlikely.  If McCain is the Republican Nominee then that also siphons off the Bloomberg independent/centrist vote (McCain still popular with that crowd).

Though if it is Clinton, maybe Bloomberg (running as Unity08 Ticket?) tries to pull a little of the Obama beyond-partisanship line?  Gets recommendations from Schwarzenneger and he’s off and running?

What I don’t know is if Obama becomes nominee, how that could shape Bloomberg’s thinking.  Obama polls well with independents, moderate Republicans, and centrists, though his policies are more liberal than Bloomberg’s.  Bloomberg can’t run the charisma card versus Obama.  Would have to make argument that Obama would run a sloppy, inefficient administration.  He certainly would have learned the lesson that HRC’s personal attacks on Obama have hurt her image.

Obama-Huckabee:  would Bloomberg see an opening in that matchup?

Obama-Romney seems less likely for a Mayor Mike run than Huckabee.

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