G. Greenwald on Rudy in American Conservative

Proving yet again that there can always be strange political marriages (of convenience?), not to mention that farther left and right can dovetail, Glenn Greenwald has a piece up in the American Conservative (The Buchananite paleo-conservative mag) against Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani is depicted on the cover of the magazine as a goose-stepping Nazi, holding a document entitled WWIV (after his main foreign policy advisor Norman Podhoretz, affectionately NPod who wrote a recent screed called WWIV–III in case you missed it was the Cold War. IV=War Against Islamo-Fascism).

The key link between Greenwald and Buchanan is isolationist foreign policy (a la Ron Paul) and therefore hatred of neoconservatism–which Rudy is angling to be the uber-neocon.

Though Buchanan-ite Republicans have another reason for Giuliani-hating: his social liberalism.

Greenwald’s thesis is succinctly stated in this paragraph:

But the very characteristics that made Giuliani (for his first term) such a popular and effective mayor render him spectacularly unfit to be president. In many senses, the city that Giuliani inherited in 1993, languishing in chaos and craving order, is the antithesis of the United States of 2008, plagued by previously unthinkable abuses of executive power.

I don’t disagree with that thesis. Just interesting to see isolationist libertarian-esque leftism merging with paleo-conservatism.

When I predicted Mayor Rudolfus would be the nominee of the Republicans, I didn’t foresee that the dirt on him (of which there is mounds) would come out in the nomination process. I thought that wouldn’t happen until the general election. He’s been really hurt (and possibly the stress has caused his recent illness) by stories leaked in the last month.

I also didn’t know (more to the point) that Hizzoner would run neck and neck with Fred Thompson for worst campaign strategy of this election with his quadruple bank-shot theory of losing (badly) in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, then coming back in Florida to gain mo’ heading into Super-Duper Tuesday.

It is wild to see the Republicans splintering in all directions. I wonder if they turn back to McCain. Romney would be trounced in a general election. Though the National Review endorsed him and he is fighting as the institutional candidate versus Huckabee, Romney is very very very beatable. I wonder if McCain is the only Republican left standing—though tough to see how he gets the nomination. Wins New Hampshire and then uses that (with little/no money and ground game) to propel him in S. Carolina and beyond?

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