Ron Paul on MTP


Ron Paul was on Meet the Press today.

If nothing else, dude is unique. Totally worth the listen.

You won’t hear any other candidate (for either party) call for de-criminalizing federally drugs in one breath and then citing property rights arguments against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and British parliamentary/imperial maneuvers to buy slaves into freedom against Abraham Lincoln’s rationale for the Civil War in the next. Not to mention pulling all US troops out of foreign countries–not just Iraq but S. Korea, Europe, Africa, etc. Cut off foreign aid to the Israelis and the Egyptians & Saudis. End US participation in NATO, and eliminate the Income Tax.

Though I’m totally with him on against The Patriot Act, surveillance issues, restoration of the rule of law/habeus corpus rights, the promotion of domestic liberty instead of using a foreign war as a tool to separate out “patriots” from “traitors” (or those giving “aid and comfort” to terrorists).

He’s raised more money this quarter than all other Republican presidential candidates. Which is very interesting since Tim Russert never asked him about his trademark policy of creating other forms of monetary circulation in the US (e.g. Gold Standard, ending the monopoly of the Federal Reserve).

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