Deep sadness and worry about more civil violence after her death.

National Review has a symposium with some commentary on the future of the country.

Joe Klein has a line in his post (here) that’s right to the point:

I had a brief, but telling conversation with Bhutto that day. I asked her how the country had changed since she was a girl. She immediately railed against the increasing religious orthodoxy. “I used to be able to go out into the streets wearing jeans,” she said. I asked her why that had changed. “The Saudis,” she said, disgustedly. “The schools they are funding,” she said referring to the radical madrasas. “They are undermining this country.”

The Saudis. The real “Axis of Evil”, if you like, was/is Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan. Radical Salafi Jihadists. Wahab, Sayid Qutb, and Mawdudi, respectively. The theology that supports violence upon Muslims–legitimized by labeling people heretics (kafir).

The neocons were right that continued support of Arab (and Pakistani) dictators (and hardline Islamists groups) was not a future for US policy. They were so wrong that the way to overcome that was by occupation of an Arab country unaligned to this triad.

The US is left now with no policy relative to Pakistan. Musharraf is disgraced and is already being blamed for Bhutto’s assassination. He likely had nothing to do with it, but the optics are more important than the reality in a case like this.

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