[St. Francis and St. Aloysius bring people with AIDS to Our Lady of Guadalupe and El Santo Niño de Atocha. Image here.]

This image is a unique take on today’s feast–the Wise Men coming to visit Jesus.

The Wise Men–from the East, that is Iraq or Iran–are the first Gentiles (non-Jews) to adore the child.  The Epiphany is liturgically more important to Christians than Christmas.  If God is born (Christmas) in human space-time but not recognized/confessed as Lord (Epiphany) than so what?

The Wise Men traditionally bring Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh.  The gifts represent the Three Major Titles/Roles of Christ:  King, High Priest, and Sacrificed Prophet (Martyr) respectively.  In this image, the wise men bring the sorrowing, wounded ones of our earth.  Their gift of adoration is to plead before the Divine for those torn apart by life.

The Divine Light manifests in the body of this boy.   God enfleshed, encased in the sinews and nerves, the meat and bones of our homo sapien frame.  It is an Epiphany only when this body is realized as the very presence of God on earth or today in our hearts.

Like Magi there is nothing to earn, but rather only to come streaming to the Kingly Child and shower him with gifts.  To adore the Lord.  The Redemption gained is his.  The Mastery of the Universe belongs to him , for he is the Lord of the Heart, dancing as child, giggling in the very core of our being.

Soon this child will begin to preach–one word and one word alone:  repent.  Not “resolution”, not some New Year’s promise.  But repent.  Turn around.  Change your consciousness, change your heart.  Sacrifice unto the Lord, like the Gentile Wise Men.  Surrender to the Divine within and without.

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  1. I think this is my favourite kind/type of post from you. Insightful, challenging, grounded, placed into the rhythm of the calendar. Lovely, thanks.

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