Ru’roh Shaggy: HRC Camp Edition

The ever-sourced Thomas Edsall in HuffPo writes:

A panicked and cash-short Clinton campaign is seriously considering giving up on the Nevada caucuses and on the South Carolina primary in order to regroup and to save resources for the massive 19-state mega-primary on February 5.

Which would be very dumb as Hotline’s John Mercurio correctly points out bc among other things it would alienate minority voters (Hispanic in NV and Black in SC).

Worse is combined with that strategy would be the formation of an anti-Obama 527, which under current campaign financing rules allows essentially unlimited funds to “anonymously” attack an opponent (“swiftboating” in the political parlance).

At the same time, some top independent expenditure groups supporting Clinton have been exploring the creation of an anti-Obama “527 committee” that would take unlimited contributions from a few of Clinton’s super-rich backers and from a handful of unions to finance television ads and direct mail designed to tarnish the Illinois Senator’s image.

Going this route would be the last sign of desperation and cynicism.  This method of politicking is more reminiscent of Karl Rove Republicanism.

In Hillary’s anger and sadness over the last few days, there is a real human being, one who in many ways is thoughtful and genuine.  I wish she would have run as that person, instead of this institutional poll-driven caricature. But this tendency to lash out is the dark side of the Clinton legacy. If they attack him this way, it will be the pinnacle of establishmentarianism. It could very well destroy the Democrats (either through demoralization) chances in ’08.

But the “if” is only an “if” at this time. Some other Democratic Party leaders (Chuck Schumer?) would have to intervene to stop this and tell her  to cease and desist if she was actually crazy enough to go through something like this.

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