Obama Response

About the war vote: (my emphasis)

Question: Clinton campaign saying in a conference call earlier today that there is no difference in their record on war in Iraq because both voted for war funding:

“Sen. Clinton started off trying to make history and now she’s trying to rewrite it. She’s trying to rewrite it about my record and hers.”

“In 2002, I made a clear and unequivocal statement before 3,000 people that this war was a bad idea.” He said he was against the war in 2003 and 2004 also.

“Now she chose to vote for the war and she can decide whether it’s a mistake or not. Apparently she has not said anything about it. For her to suggest somehow that half of a sentence that I uttered in 2004 in a setting in which I was trying not to throw the Democratic nominee and vice presidential nominee under the bus, after Tim Russert specifically asked me since you were so opposed to the war, what do you think about the fact that they weren’t, to take that out of context and try to suggest my position and hers is the same is ludicrous. There is not objective observer of this who thinks at all that this argument is credible. And what’s stunning is not only are they trying to distort my record, this is coming from Bill Clinton who is trying to suggest that he opposed the war from the start, something that everybody again who has looked at this objectively is puzzled by.”

Q: then why did he vote for war funding

A: “Once we had our troops two years into a war, it was important that we try to do the best possible job on it. So is Sen. Clinton’s argument is that the only people who were principled about this were people who voted against funding all the time, if that’s the case, she should talk to Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer (war critics who also voted for the funding). Apparently they weren’t against the war the entire time.”

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