God Help Us: Obama Apostate Edition

Jesus Christ and The Messenger can not be pleased with this…

Mark Krikorian in the Corner at National Review calls Obama a “Muslim apostate”.  F#@*.  Post here.

So we’ve gone from “Obama is a closet Muslim”–which is now being circulated in Jewish circles to some conservative Christians because of Obama’s affiliation with the liberal-leaning United Church of Christ has been called “not really a Christian” to…

Now he’s an apostate Muslim.

But the other, perhaps more important, issue hasn’t broken through to the MSM much at all — what are the implications of Obama’s status as an apostate from Islam? Daniel Pipes has looked into the issue (here and here) and concludes that “Obama was born a Muslim to a non-practicing Muslim father and for some years had a reasonably Muslim upbringing under the auspices of his Indonesian step-father.”

First off anytime you hear the name Daniel Pipes you should be suspicious.  Particularly if it has anything to do with Islam.  i.e. If you click through to the links you will find some tortured, wacked out fishing for dollars logic.  The evidence, to put it mildly, is shoddy.  I’m actually quite loathe to link to this prejudicial stuff, but if it’s in the Corner then it will get some play and needs to be rebutted.

So now that Obama has been “proved” (cough, cough) to have been a childhood Muslim and committed “apostasy” by converting to Christianity as an adult he is now in danger of being killed by extremists.

Several implications: first, Obama’s has a unique opportunity — even a responsibility — to speak out on behalf of former Muslims under threat of death for converting to other faiths. Second, there are likely to be even more lunatics trying to kill him than there would be otherwise. And third, how would a President Obama be greeted by, say, the king of “Saudi” Arabia? Probably the same way a President Lieberman would be, and that could actually be a big selling point in his favor, but it’s something we can’t just pretend doesn’t exist.

He now has a responsibility to speak out on this issue? WTF?  I’m sure given Obama’s political views, that he is not in favor of you know religious oppression.

This is just as bad as Richard Cohen’s piece yesterday in the Washington Post.   Which because Obama’s pastor’s daughter’s edited magazine gave an award to Louis Farrakhan–which Obama disagreed with and also does not have on the campaign trail–therefore he needs to publicly distance himself from Farrkhan (not that Obama and LF were ever connected), or else Richard Cohen will not give his non-anti Semitic seal of approval to Obama.

Similarly in order to get the much-coveted Corner “you’re really on our side in the civilizational war against Islam stamp of approval”, you need to say what we tell you to and if you don’t, then your (perhaps) guilty by association.

Identity politics of the right.  Nice. Just as ugly as Cohen’s liberal white variety.

In other words, not they we have any evidence that Obama supports religious persecution, but unlike the legal system, you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.

The germ of truth is that no doubt there is enough if some nutcase wanted to make an argument that he was really a Muslim as a child he could do so.  Again if somebody already say wanted to do some harm.  So they should be aware for his safety, of course.

But this kinda bulls–t needs to cease.

Hey, on the plus side, at least the Hindus don’t care about Bobby Jindal’s conversion.  Vishnu be Praised!!!

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  1. gah! bulls–t it is! this goes to show that religion and politics are intertwined at the hip!

    anyway, this issue of childhood religion and apostasy are some of the political issues raised by Dawkins in The God Delusion. why can’t you give Dawkins some props for raising those issues at a mainstream level? do we need to have sophisticated theory/theology/philosophy just to sound an alarm on these political mythic hubris? i’m just asking 🙂


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