Obama in SC


Win by bigger than expected margin. Not sure whether it changes the field for the Super Duper Tuesday upcoming.

One thing I like about their campaign that isn’t getting as much play is how much of an insurgent outside the bounds of the traditional Democratic machine they are running operation. It was the source of his victory in Iowa. In Nevada and NH–which he still lost overall–it allowed them to play very strongly in rural areas as he did in his Illinois Senate run. He has brought in younger voters, and now in South Carolina has gone against or around perhaps the traditional black leadership (e.g. John Lewis supports Hillary). By all accounts his people have run the most innovative campaign ever waged in Dem. South Carolina.

Not sure if that will be enough–whether too many of the S-D Tuesday are traditional Democratic machine (Hillary their candidate) places. What may happen is Obama may run to places like Oklahoma (how weird is that thought) and central states and then try to win a proportion of delegates and not lose too badly in say Cali and NY, making up for the difference with other states wins. Again performing an end run around the Democratic Machine.

Whatever happens from here on, Obama has brought a number of people into the party by employing his community organizing/grass roots style of politics.

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