rep primary

Consensus is Giuliani drops out, endorses McCain.

Two questions left:  will Fred Thompson then endorse McCain?

Will Huckabee run in the central Sun Belt states (i.e. Arkansas, Oklahoma) take some votes from Romney, then call Johnny tell him to swap delegates for the VP slot?  Or is McCain unstoppable at this point anyway?

What’s clearer and clearer is that all the rest of the Republican candidates (Rudy, Fred, Huck) despise Romney (with some good reason frankly) and like McCain.  Though strangely the Republican establishment backed Romney so hard.  But Huck and Rudy and even Fred in some ways are kinda heterodox conservatives, so it makes a certain sense.

Plus Romney’s personality really negatively affected his campaign.  As weird as it may sound, I actually think Romney would probably be for the 21st century a better president than McCain–though I agree that McCain is a better general election candidate for the GOP.  McCain is an uber war-hawk and has not learned the lessons of Iraq.  Maybe not even Bosnia frankly with his saber-rattling of Russia.  McCain’s foreign policy scares me–not as much as Rudy–but scary nonetheless.

Though frankly tough to tell which Romney would have shown up to be president.  Whether he would have in fact governed as the guy who was Governor in Mass or the uber-con he tried to make himself out to be (unsuccessfully) in this race.  He would have been much more likely than McCain to initiate some of Newt Gingrich’s American Solutions platform–esp. technologically updating the government which is woefully behind the times.  Romney could have done some very interesting David Frum kinda domestic moderate reformist conservatism on education, health care, and the like.

Sen. Mac doesn’t seem particularly heavy duty into that kinda policy side.

But as an outsider tired of movement conservatism, I do find one joy in McCain pulling ahead and I would have to say, minus some major meltdown, the nominee of the party.  The movement conservatives have created such ideological purity codes, that anyone not totally on board with their theory is a liberal fascist or in John McCain’s case not even a conservative anymore.  They can keep their ideological purity, it will come at the cost of massive electoral losses.  It is too petrified a system right now and grows more so by the day.

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