Dialectic of Reason

I don’t think I was as clear as I should have been in the last post on the New Atheists.

Reason understood as the dialectic, if you follow it in the Western tradition from Socrates through Plato through Hegel to Kierkegaard  (and the many differences between each of those) is about this and that.  On the one hand…on the other.  It is a flowing movement, dialogical as Habermas would say.

I see this on the one hand on the other missing from New Atheism.  And that leads as I was trying to say to a reverse anti-dogmatic dogmatism, as it were.  More in some of them than others, but I think there (though in varying degrees) in all.

Even if one is open to contemplation (e.g. Sam Harris) or religion as a natural evolutionary phenomenon (Dennett) or “sophisticated” theologians (e.g. Dawkins) who are post or anti-supernaturalistic in their theology, there is still missing a dialectical element.  A movement like tantra that transforms (frees by limits or transcludes and re-shapes in AQAL integral-speak) by taking what is there and then re-imagining it to a more profound degree, unleashing the potential that lies within.

The better response, it would seem to me, is not to overcome irrational mythic religion and experience the evil and hatred that can stem from that crowd (particularly when criticized) by then reversing the operation and being dismissive and thoroughly convinced of one’s rightness in the other direction.

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