Genesis 17:1

1 When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to Abram, and said to him, “I am God Almighty; walk before me, and be blameless.

–The Lord.

The Lord is the Redeemer (God in person, if you like, of Liberator not so much Creator or Sanctifier for the moment).  The Lord here is the Lord of the people of Israel–Abram is the mythic representation of the future people of Israel.

The text also historically is edited in light of the Return of the Exiles from Babylon in the 6th century BCE.  Abram represents the hopes and dreams of the Exiles who must return to the land in which they are now “aliens”–as this chapter later  states.  They used to live in Palestine, but left, and are now in a struggle with the Jews (or Yawhist worshipers if you prefer) for control on the way back.  This text–speaking like Michel Foucault for a second–serves their purposes of power and authority.

–The Lord appeared to him.  When he was 99, just prior to a rounded number of completion. A number of human rational expectation.   We expect something “big” to happen at 100, it’s auspicious in our human made temporal creations.

But the LORD comes when we are 99–even if “he” or us still love you or not at 64 Paul McCartney.  That is the LORD comes when we do not expect such an arrival.  The LORD appears/visits in the moments before we expect it.

–I AM God Almighty.

I AM is already hinting at the name given by the Divine to Moses:  I AM what I AM.

I AM is the space in which God arises.  God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier.  God Almighty.  Not some crap half-ass deity.  Not some wannabe.  Not some person thinking s/he is God.  God Almighty.

But God is ever flowing out of I AM, from which God and the Soul both arise.  This is why we do not say anything or anyone in creation is God–for they are not.  Rather there essence (like God’s essence) is Godhead.  But they are not God. God is God. God is God Almighty.  God appears to us.  We are within God.

But both are sourced in Godhead.

It isn’t really right (though not totally wrong I suppose) to worship Godhead.  God is to be worshiped.  In Godhead, there is no real worshiper or one to be worshiped.  Godhead is rather more like opening your mouth and making that pop noise by putting your hand to your mouth, like a mime.  Or a giggle or a shrug of the shoulders.

But not worship, not for Godhead.   Who is there to worship in such a state?

–Walk before me.

And yet Godhead frankly is not enough or perhaps too much.  We are to walk before the LORD on the other side of awakening, normalized like Abram.  Be blameless whatever that means.

To walk before the Lord on the pre-awakening side is to live the life of devotion.  To walk before the LORD on the other side of the shore (which is somehow still this shore) is live with a renewed sense of the Relative, the truly nondual–neither absolute nor relative.

The LORD then reappears after 99 years of Absolute only awakening.  To make covenant, to bring blessing, simple earth-shattering things.  To build actual relationships of justice and love.  Between the divine and human and between human and creation (human-human).

Walking before the LORD is to have the light of the LORD be your rearguard as the Psalms say.  In other words, for humans to receive the light of Truth through your presence, therefore the LORD being very plainly right behind us.  As we walk before the LORD.

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