Matt Bai on Election ’08

Brilliant meta-post about how this election signals the end of the Boomer dominance–both Democratic (Clinton) and Republican (Reagan-olatry).  It may not win in this election–may not in the next, but the power has clearly shifted beyond them to the next generation.


Obama’s emergence as a serious contender for the nomination has been framed, in historic terms, as a racial marker, but it also signals the beginning of the end of what history may record as a fruitless political era.

Indeed.   No guarantee the next will do any better (or possibly worse though hard to imagine that I think but possible).

The only Republican politician–weirdly–who gets this is Newt Gingrich–though framed in a conservative way, even he gets that the federal government and our institutions are pre-Internet (a conservative highlighted on this blog before for such ideas).  There are conservative thinkers (Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam come to mind) who also presage this shift in the language/theory of the right.

Others think differently, but my view is that it would be very dumb of Obama to be (if it came to this) a VP with Hillary.  He should run for governor of Illinois instead–a la Reagan.  Keep his outsider cred.  A Hillary presidency would expose the fault lines of the Democratic party (which up until now is unfortunately still united around being against Bush imo) and the inability of these orthodoxies born of the 60s-70s to meet the realities of the 21st century.

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