Ryan Lizza on McCain

Very good piece by Ryan Lizza in New Yorker on the Straight Talk Express. The article gives great insight into McCain and his crew and also delves into the brewing battle for the future of post-Bush Republicanism and where McCain stands in relation to that—combination of Teddy Roosevelt (2000 McCain) and Eisenhower (2008 McCain) with Lizza arguing that the Eisenhower side is more dominant now.

Mentioned in the article are Newt Gingrich (American Solutions), David Frum, Michael Gerson (Heroic Conservatism), and Grover “Government so Small we Can Drown it in a Bathtub” Norquist. Of those four, I’m most in agreement with Gingrich and Frum (on domestic policy with Frum not his neo-con foreign policy and government reform with Gingrich minus his anti-immigration platform and his WWIV Islamo-Fascism foreign policy mania).

But McCain has left his domestic agenda behind it appears and is war, war, and military. It would be nice (for me) to see a Eisenhower moderate Republicanism come back to the fore, a position I most generally favor on domestic policy, but if it is tied to an overly aggressive occupationist foreign policy, I don’t see that working.

Hat tip: Ross Douthat. Check out his analysis of the piece which I think is spot on.


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