J. Klein on Iraq

Going meta, one of the sharper commentators (one of only a handful really) on the war in US press (read the whole thing).  Here’s the conclusion (my emphasis):

Let’s say, to be charitable, that everyone is right: that real progress has been made in the fight against the terrorists, that Baghdad is more secure, that the Iraqi national parliament is trying to write some legislation…and that there are deep, explosve divisions among Iraq’s ethnic groups.

Where does that leave us?
With, I’d guess, two missions–one achievable and one not. The achievable mission is completing the job of clearing out Al Qaeda, a victory that will have resonance throughout the region (and which will not require the continuing presence of 150,000 U.S. troops). The unachievable mission is refereeing the ethnic struggles among and between Shi’ites, Sunnis, Kurds and Turks–and Iranians. If we try to do that, we will be there in perpetuity–perhaps as long as McCain’s 100 years–and they will be bloody years, an even more arrogant and idiotic squandering of our national reputation than this disgraceful exercise has already been.

In other words tactical gains in a strategic abyss, what Joe Biden has been saying for a long time now and what Barack Obama (finally) said in the last debate with Sen. Clinton.

With the everyone is right line and then putting together in which contexts which observers/participants are correct and what then the overall picture is when all are combined, Klein pulled an integral.

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