Preview of the General?

This is why I believe Obama will beat McCain (assuming Barack is the nominee which I put as of now at 75%).

Obama hits McCain today on lobbyists–another wrinkle of the NyTimes story that came out was that a lobbyist was doing his phone business on the Straight Talk Express.  Here is the response from a McCain spokeswoman; it is wildly revealing:

Jill Hazelbaker, a spokeswoman for McCain, said the Arizona senator “has been an agent for change for his entire career — he is the greatest change agent in our party — and we plan to highlight that record in this election.”

Notice anything?  If the McCain camp (like the Clintons) must ape Obama’s language and feels they have to argue on essentially Obama’s turf (change), how they are better at change than him, then that is enough to see where this is headed imo.  The McCain goose is already cooked iow. 

Obama controls the narrative, has set the tone and the agenda; he has laid down the terms of the game.  Obama has clearly more than any other candidate sensed the mood (desire for change) so much so that now the McCain counter-argument is that he (McCain) is a better change agent.  But I think that will sound hollow, looking like they are stealing his (Obama’s) line.   

In sum, if the argument is who is better to bring about change, McCain doesn’t have a prayer.        

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