Sunday Morning Wrap Up

Actually a fairly decent slate this past weekend.

On This Week With George he had on Joe Biden (D-Delaware), the Senate Chairman of the Foreign Relations Comm. With all the horse race on the prez, there are major events going on around the world and Biden as always is very sharp.

They discuss this piece (generating buzz) by military analyst Anthony Cordesman (considered usually center-left) where he calls Afghanistan and Iraq two winnable wars. But only Cordesman says if massive infrastructure is built (nations, legal systems, police, army, markets) and if the military is invested heavily for years to come–likely until 2015!!! in Cordesman’s estimation.

Biden rightly responds that the piece overemphasizes the military (he is a military strategist) and how the military is winning but without a political settlement. Cordesman does mention these issues, but I think a fair read is that he assumes all these institutions can be built.

Biden as opposed to the right, who like McCain are just waiting to put their litmus test on Obama “did the surge work?” and opposed to the mainstream left now (timetables, withdraw, etc.) is saying the real issue is political. There is no political settlement. Biden has been and continues to be the smartest on Iraq in the US political class.

Biden and George also discuss Pakistan and Kosovo.

The roundtable with George has Ron Brownstein possibly the sharpest political commentator on US politics (in my mind). Worth watching for him and George Will’s everlasting hatred of John McCain is also fun to watch. (Cokie Roberts not so much…)

Meet the Press got some play because the blowhard Ralph Nader announced his presidential bid. Who cares? Skip that.

The Roundtable on MTP was pretty good.

Chuck Todd, NBC’s political analyst and First Read director, said what I think was the sharpest thing yet that no one is pointing to. The conversation (like on ABC) was too focused on Hillary’s anger, Obama’s possible weaknesses in the general, and the NyTimes/McCain story.

In the midst of this, Todd says: McCain has a much bigger problem. He is not ready for the steam roller coming at him (namely Obama). I increasingly think the Democrats need to get this thing over by March 5th (Obama wins Texas and it’s a done deal), so they can go after McCain. Obama has money, organization, momentum, and enthusiasm that McCain can not even begin to dream about matching. Obama can even afford to play the Campaign Finance Gambit with McCain because he only has to wait until after his party’s Convention (late in August) to take $85 million. That’s $85 million for Sept/Oct after being able to spend all the money he has raised and can continue to raise between then and now.

Fox News—the roundtable is always…interesting (if not necessarily informative). Bill Kristol tells Hillary (surprise?) to play the politics of fear. It has not worked to date, why it would work now I have no idea. It will also not work for McCain imo.

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