McCain Intro in Cincinnati: Updated

My city of origin/old stomping ground in the news again and once more covering itself in glory.  Or not.

John McCain was at a stop in Cincinnati Ohio today and was introduced by local radio host Bill Cunningham who repeatedly called Obama “Barack Hussein Obama” and then said that he was a hack.

McCain was wise and gracious enough to say that he disagrees with Obama does not hate the guy and does not endorse Cunningham’s views. (Story here). Promises to not let this kind of thing continually happen in the campaign. Kudos to the Senator.

As someone who grew up listening to Bill Cunningham (he was always on the local news or media in some form or another shooting his mouth off, kind of Cincinnati’s Rush Limbaugh) I can tell you the guy is and always has been an absolute unrepentant a**hole, whatever his political leanings. His a**holeness transcends his politics.

I guess that’s the draw; I could never understand it.

And he is a racist. He taps into that aggrieved white man is the new minority thing (even though whitey is still pretty much in charge, especially in Cincinnati one of the most racist towns you’ll ever be in the United States).

His humor (if that is even the right term) is appallingly demeaning.

In sum: He’s a dick. He’s a right-wing dick but he’d still be a dick if he were left-wing. In other words, it’s not the right-wingedness per se that makes him a dick; it’s the dickheadness that makes him a a dick. (Apologies to my dad and all the men out there named Richard).

This episode just proved for the rest of America what those of us from Cincy already knew: Cunningham’s the only hack in this story.

No fault on McCain’s part.

Update:  Right on cue Cunningham:

“I’ve had it up to here with John McCain. He’s off the list. I’m joining Ann Coulter in supporting Hillary Rodham Clinton,”- radio talk show host, Bill Cunningham.

(h/t Sullivan). 

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