The Only Fact You Need to Know About Iraq

Hail the conquering hero (as it were–my italics):

BAGHDAD – President Bush‘s last trip to Iraq was kept secret until he arrived at a U.S. military base. Eight hours later he left, after Iraq’s leaders traveled to meet him there. In sharp contrast, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s visit — the first ever by an Iranian leader to Iraq — was announced in advance. He plans to spend the night here, and Iranian TV will broadcast his departure ceremony live.

Once considered Iraq’s archenemy, Iran is now cozy with Baghdad’s Shiite-led government and eager to show off Tehran’s rising influence as debate rages in the U.S. over how quickly to leave.

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  1. CJ, don’t mean to hijack the thread but check this out.

    Inside Iraq violence has gone down for essentially two reasons, the Awakening movement amongst the Sunnis, Muqtada Al Sadr’s cease fire amongst the Shiite.

    However, with the U.S. Foreign policy being based on empowering the Sunnis in Iraq and in the region, as we discussed before the huge weapons deals done with the Sunni countries. These moves were done to essentially undermine the growing influence of Iran in the region and Iraq.

    Israel is the monkey wrench, with its stepped up aggression in Gaza, this will piss off Sunnis in the region, who though they fear Iranian influence and power, they love the Iranian President’s rhetoric against Israel, in fact this more reflect the Arab sentiment in the street, though the regimes want to make nice for the U.S.

    With all that said, if the Awakening movement gets dismantled and Israel continues the incursion in Gaza, the continued pattern of U.S. foreign policy of coming back to bite itself will continue, as the Sunnis and the Shiites share a common threat.

  2. CJ,

    I know you use Ali Eterez as a reference for Muslims in the blogisphere, however, you should know that Ali’s opinion are far from reflecting traditional Islam or the opinions of mainstream Muslims. His opinions more represent a western based ideal of Islam should be (not what it is) and his rants are mostly against Islamist.

    Now I’m not defending Islamist, but their opinions are more mainstream of Muslims in the Muslim world and around world than Ali’s. The Islamists are the most vocal about reforms and democracy in the Muslim world, most countries of which are oppressive and repressive.

    Ali just wants the Muslim world to become more western, which is not going to happen, so in place of Ali’s ideal I give you this reference which is far more academic and represent the reality of the situation in the Middle East without condemning or cheerleading or bias.

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