Going forward Dem Primary

“It’s time for him [her] to reap what [s]he sowed….and it ain’t corn or wheat.”
–Shark v. Eagle

For some background, this post by Noam Scheiber.

Obama is starting to hit back on the “not ready” piece and the Veep float, but he needs to connect it to his main theme—he will turn the page. She and McCain might as well get a room, etc. He is now running against both of them essentially combined.

Tomorrow night he needs to bring out one of his game changing speeches, after blowing her out in Mississippi.

On the primary front, I think he needs to focus on North Carolina and Indiana (big upset potential there for him), and since Michigan is going to re-vote put his energy there over Florida.  More colleges, more youth vote, closer to his native Illinois, lots of anti-war sentiment there.

Then try to push Pennsylvania to a close.  I think he needs a knockout punch and Michigan seems like the best spot in my opinion for him to do that.  He will win Oregon (he needs to promote that as a state that is a battleground state she will lose in the fall, he will win), Montana, South Dakota, then put lots of time into KY and IN and maybe that is enough to push the superdelegates which are moving his way anyway at this point.

She wins WV, Florida, and Penn I think.

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