Memo to Rep. Steve King

Steve “al-Qaeda will be Dancing in the Streets if Obama is Elected” King has clarified his remarks:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has elaborated on his comments last week that al-Qaida would be “dancing in the streets” if Barack Obama wins, saying that Obama would “certainly be viewed as a savior for them. That’s why you will see them supporting him, encouraging him.”

Rep. K., I’m not exactly a Muslim theologian, but I’m betting “Savior” isn’t the proper term here.  First off, I mean (wink, wink) come on we all know Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior right?–you damn heretic.

The Qu’ran (in some English translations) calls Allah The Most Merciful Redeemer–in others oft-returning.  Redeemer and Savior are not exactly interchangeable but close enough. Allah is also often depicted as Lord of the Last Day/Judgment (again in distinction to Christianity where Jesus Christ is so described–though properly the word Redeemer applies to all three persons of the Godhead in Christian Trinitarian theology).

The concept of Redemption among Muslims is (arguable point) probably stronger among Shia.  The Mahdi, who remains in hiding (occultation), to come and bring about the final reign of justice could in theory be somewhat of a Savior-Redeemer Figure.  So perhaps Rep. King was saying that Obama has indeed been a Messiah all along?

But I’m guessing that Obama will be the Savior of al-Qaeda would come as a newsflash to Brs. Osama and Ayman out in Pakistan.

Exit Question:  In what way should they worship him?

You may recall that King is also the one who said that the events at Abu Ghraib were nothing more than “hazing.”   Nice.  Really really f’in nice.

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