Classic. His analysis of this conference.

1) There was unanimous agreement that the term “rogue states” was pretty stupid as a category.2) The most amusing moment for me was when AEI’s Danielle Pletka accused me of being on the far left — because I suggested some realpolitik approaches to foreign policy (like prioritizing counterproliferation over democracy promotion). When informed of my party status later, Pletka replied, “well, he’s not like any Republican I know!” Apparently, Brent Scowcroft, George H.W. Bush, George Schultz, and Henry Kissinger are now barred from entering AEI.

3) Wesley Clark was on the same panel as Pletka and myself — we were charged with giving advice to the next administration. It was interesting to note that Clark had no difficulty speculating about a president Clinton or a president McCain — but it took a great dealof time and effort for him to say “President Obama” even as a hypothetical.

4) If you want to amuse yourself for a while, ask Ed Luttwak a question about… anything. He’s good for at least an hour ‘s worth of interesting free association on any topic.

5) There’s something about California… at one of the conference dinners I saw the ghosts of Democratic Campaigns Past — Michael Dukakis, Kitty Dukakis, Warren Christopher, etc. The freaky thing was that none of them looked like they had aged since falling out of the public spotlight.

6) Redeye flights suck eggs.

–It would be interesting to hear more from Dan why rogue states is no good as a term (option #1: bc they usually consist of an authoritarian/dictatorial leader who is the rogue not the state or its citizenry itself).

–I’ve always thought Pletka was crazy in a semi-demonic way so good to hear my judgment is backed by some facts. And AEI is as insane as that story suggests.

–The Wes Clark thing is priceless and disturbing in a way. Sad for me to see given I was a ertswhile Wes Clark in ’04 kinda guy. Boomers, what can you do? And Clinton-ites even more so. I hope if and when (when Lord when?) Hillary is out, Clark has some role in a possible future Obama administration.

Extra credit: Bill Richardson really wants to endorse Obama. Do it Bill!!! DO IT!!!

My friend Martha calls a possible Obama-Richardson ticket The Black and Tan. I smell a drinking game during the Dem convention coming on.

I think he would be a very good choice for VP. Very. Border state Gov., Battleground state Gov., National Security Cred out the ying-yang, Hispanic vote, personally likes Obama (feelings seem mutual), would work very well as a mentor.  Plus the beard kicks ass.

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