Last Thoughts Ferraro (I hope)

I just want to say that what I have felt all along about the Clinton campaign (and its surrogates) is that they are really class-ist more than racist per se, though the two obviously intertwine.

What I mean is that there has been this mindset (called it establishment, aristocrat, whatever) that they deserve the nomination, that it’s “Hillary’s time”. She’s earned it–again how that works, why, what exactly she has done to earn this spot, I’m not sure but that seems to be the attitude.

And Obama in their view has jumped the line–which according to the old political standards is true (I just don’t believe that style of politics and thinking is useful any longer if it ever was)–and therefore has stolen what is rightfully her’s.

Everything they say about the states that don’t matter (basically whatever ones he wins) and the states that do, this so-called Commander in Chief Test, the (they claim) media bias, the racism issue Ferraro claims is being lobbed at her because she’s white—-all of them betray their major blinder around one simple fact: he’s just winning. He’s running a better campaign (I would argue). Better message. Her Iraq War Vote hurts her. She looks and sounds stale. He comes off fresh. Period. That’s it at bottom.

There is other stuff going on in all directions certainly, but they simply can not get their heads around the idear that he’s winning. They constantly are grasping for some explanation other than Occkham’s: he’s winning more votes. His campaign strategy to go after delegates wherever and raise money online has clearly paid off.

The Clinton camp has run a great campaign for the 2000 Election. Except that it’s 8 years too late.

Minus an honest recognition of those facts, just a bunch of excuses in my book.

The paternalism is that they, the powerbrokers, get to decide when it is the appropriate time for someone else to move forward in the line (i.e. to VP for example). Now given she is white and he is black, how that comes across (intended or otherwise) to alotta folks is that he’s being uppity. He’s not following the guide plan laid out by us who obviously deserve the power: see Ferraro’s remark about how she has been fighting for forty years the good fight. All of which is great other than it does not give her a pass on what she is doing and saying now.

There is where the race meets what is at the heart of the issue: power. Power is always at the base of these things. As bad as racial ugliness is, bigotry, etc. (and let’s be clear it’s really disgustingly awful), it is the air of authority and the clear communication of a power imbalance that is I think the deepest most stinging wound.

But within that frame, that paternalist mindset there is no way to see outside the frame, there has been no wrong done, hence the immediate response of defensive posturing (and worse now with Ferraro) counterattack. That’s why I don’t want to be too harsh in the sense that it is clear watching the former Rep. and VP nominee on TV she just doesn’t get it. She knows not what she does.

Still that mindset has to be overcome.

In other words, at the heart of it it seems to me is that the Clintons think the Democratic Party and the voters owe them. That has turned me off more than anything else to her candidacy. Versus a view that sees oneself and ones campaign as indebted to the party and trying to build it up and the people.

I went into this race skeptical in some ways but at least open to being persuaded by Sen. Clinton (as well as McCain who has turned me off for different reasons). But not after this stuff.

I’m not a Democrat; I’m just someone who would like to see either party gets its act together and govern even half-way responsibly, hell even quarter would be nice (my standards are loooowww). I’ll vote for whichever, I could care less.

But if I were a registered Dem., this is poison for the party. Only the Democrats could manage to lose this election which the Republicans are otherwise absolutely giving away by their stupidity and incompetence e.g. McCain’s new pandering to wingnut social conservative (so-called) Christian yahoos.

I don’t know where this goes from here, but to me it doesn’t look good.

Update I: I should say I think for errors like Ferraro’s and say Samantha Power’s an apology is sufficient (though Ferraro has only apologized that her words were interpreted in a negative light but whatever). I’m not into this whole they must be banned from the campaign stuff. There’s going to be nobody left at this point. Though since Clinton set this standard with the Power case she now had to follow it on her own side.

Update II: Looks like Steny Hoyer House Majority Leader agrees.

Update III:  Looks like Sen. Clinton may finally be getting the message.

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