Reihan S. on Income Inequality/Poverty

Very sharp stuff imo.  I wouldn’t classify myself as a right-winger (or left-winger for that matter), but if the right-wing goes for this agenda, I’m all for it.
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Like a lot of right-wingers, I think the inequality we ought to care about isn’t upper-tail inequality but rather lower-tail inequality. Moreover, I think we should care a lot less about inequality than about poverty and, more precisely, economic exclusion — the effective exclusion of substantial numbers of Americans from the so-called mainstream economy, an exclusion that exacerbates many social ills, and that empowers the worst, most violent, most destructive elements in our society. So to the extent measures that mitigate inequality increase economic exclusion, I oppose them. For those who care about economic exclusion, the prison system is an obvious target. But so is the payroll tax. My hope is that an economic inclusion agenda would be embraced by the political right and left, and that it would allow us to bracket some of the more controversial questions surrounding inequality.

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