On FL and MI

A Florida re-vote took a serious hit today. 

Some like Josh Marshall and Ezra Klein think Obama should let Florida be seated as is (Clinton would win about 30-37 delegates I think); Sullivan does not.

I tend to agree with Marshall and Klein.  I think he should let Florida be seated as is on the condition that Michigan does a re-vote.  If he wanted to play some real cojones he would say Michigan must have a caucus.  But I think a firehouse primary is a good thing. And then campaign his backside off in Michigan and beat her there, taking away her Pennslyvania “big state” argument.

i.e. He should go madcap and play like he has nothing to lose at this point.   He can beat her in Michigan.  He looks magnanimous in forging a way forward and she gets no bump from a possible Florida re-do (Marshall and Klein’s argument).

She can’t catch him in delegates even with the Florida delegation as is.  She can’t even come close to catching him.

Politically it would be smart and would play into his new model of politics.  On the other hand, it would be bad for the party which is correctly punishing the states for breaking the calendar.

Howard Dean will be having none of it though so this is all probably speculative at this point.  He has made clear they can either A)appeal to the Credentials Comm (which is beyond his control but he has picked a number of its members) and/or B)submit a re-do.

Dean clearly favors the latter category and does want a re-vote, but now in Florida that looks iffy.

And oh Hillary’s new line (listen here) is that it was Obama’s choice to not be on the ticket in Michigan.  Well yes it was but it was a choice based on good faith in the DNC rules and system they were trying to lay down, along with a mass of other candidates who did the same.  Ugh.

I said some party elders needed to tell her to get out after Wisconsin.  I think that looks more correct by the day.

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