attackerman on mccain on Iran/AQI

Spencer Ackerman writing about McCain’s flub-up (which was again repeated today!!! this time they say it was legit):

This is for McCain what “I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it” was for John Kerry. The veneer is stripped away. What remains is the hollowness undergirding the certainty, the vacuity disguised as wisdom and the the ignorance masquerading as strength. This man knows nothing about the threat he endlessly tells us that he and he alone is qualified to face. It’s over.

It’s an amazing election in so many ways. If it wasn’t for McCain’s individual personal popularity the Republicans would have no chance of winning. A failed stabilization in Iraq, a looming (or possibly already here) recession, a sitting president with an approval rating in the Nixon Watergate range, and the incompetence of the administration, plus the failure of the 2006 Elections for the Rep., opening up how vulnerable they are to massive electoral defeat.

And yet he polls close (but losing according to this one) in direct matchups with the Dems.

The popularity and his image is built on this national security cred, but boy somee serious problems on that front.  Don’t know if I agree with Ackerman in the end or not.  Don’t know if it will be his John Kerry moment.  But he’s gone back to the ludicrous rhetoric of “if we leave al-Qaeda in Iraq will take over” bull shit.  That does not bode well for an intelligent discourse on the war going forward in the general.  That language and thinking is certainly as hollow as Ackerman describes.

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