Blessed Triduum

Tonight, the celebration of the Last Supper (Holy Thursday) begins the three holiest days of the Christian year.  Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday (day in the tomb) to the Easter Vigil (Sat. night) which is the most important liturgy of the Christian year—far more important than Christmas.

Blessings and Peace in this world of Condemnation and Violence.


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  1. While I recognize that most American Christians place Christmas on a “higher plane” than the passion week, I would be hesitant to say that any of the above events could be deemed more important than another. Without Christmas there would be no Passion and without the Passion the work begun at Christ’s first advent would be left unfinished. The whole of Christ’s work is vital and no one aspect should be set at a higher esteem than others.

  2. CD,

    I know what you mean. I was trying to make a point–so a lot bit of hyperbolic language.

    Liturgically however what I said is properly correct. In the order of most important liturgies during the year


    But the Incarnation is the beginning no doubt.

    Peace. CJ

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