Richardson Endorses Obama

I think this is big, and hopefully can re-start some momentum on the Obama side.  I’ve been begging for Richardson to do this for awhile now–I still think he is the best VP Candidate for Obama out there.

And right on cue, Mark Penn (Clinton’s strategist) opens his mouth and says some dumb dumb s–t:

Citing Clinton’s victory in New Mexico in February, senior strategist Mark Penn said, “Perhaps the time when he could have been most effective has long since past.”

Um Mark there is a certain thing called the General Election and if you didn’t know New Mexico votes in it.  And it’s a key state for Dems to win and having a highly popular Gov. of the state I would think helps.

Obama-Richardson ’08.

Read his endorsement here.  He gets it. He praises the 90s, the Clinton era of which he was an impressive part.  But says a new generation needs to take the mantle, the world has changed.  And most importantly the Democrats have to stop their in-fighting and actually go after John McCain.

And Richardson took direct issue with the Hillary camp’s claim that Obama hasn’t passed the “commander in chief test”: “There is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama has the judgment and courage we need in a commander in chief when our nation’s security is on the line.”

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