Blog Pattern

I noticed I’ve moved into a very regular pattern of blog reading of late.

For political commentary I lean towards un-orthodox conservatives (orthodox as defined by the movement conservatives of say National Review and the neocons of The Weekly Standard).

That would include writers on The American Scene (including but not limited to Reihan and The Postmodern Conservative himself) also Ross Douthat and Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic. Daniel Larison of Eunomia (more paleocon) at AmCongMag. And Daniel Drezener (libertarian-realist conservative FP).

A second group is an increasing number of libertarians (Reason, Cato Unbound, Will Wilkinson, Sanchez, and Megan McArdle). This has to do mostly with increasing focus on economics. But also law at Volokh (again libertarian/unorthodox conservatives).

But for politics, horserace, etc. I veer towards the left-side of the blogworld. In part that is because the Democratic race is on-going and since the Democrats, whether they win the White House or not, are the de facto party going forward.

e.g. HuffingtonPost, TalkingPointsMemo, The Plank.

And of course my own politics which find more expression in RadicalMiddle and New America.

There are a few who break that mold: I read Lawyers, Guns, and Money Juan Cole, & Spencer Ackerman for liberal foreign policy commentary and The Reality-Based Community and Mark Schmitt (at Tapped) for left-leaning domestic policy. And Balkinization (mostly for JB) for law from the left. But still that basic pattern holds. [***Ed: On second thought that’s more than initially had thought it was…hmmm].

A couple of reflections growing out of this survey:

1)The only conservatism going forward is that of David Frum (Comeback Conservatism on domestic policy not his neocon FP side) and Reihan and Ross. The Republican party is increasingly the party of the downscale and you can’t have a party whose economic and social platform does not align with the actual needs of its base.

Which leads to my second point:

2)If you are going to be a libertarian, be a libertarian. Don’t be an economic libertarian and then a war-hawk neocon empire-builder and play the Islam is out to destroy Western civilization line, and/or liberals are a domestic fifth column, and/or vast Mexican hordes are streaming over to destroy our country.  Plus not really be in all cases an econ-lib. but rather support big business-big gov’t (Republican) cronyism and corporate welfare.

3)Don’t yet what to make on the left side. Other than it tends to (not exclusively) description of policy and process. And I tend to like a little more philosophy.*** (see edit above)

4)As you may have noticed I cited all political, legal, economic blogs. The religious blog world I find mostly of poor quality. Across the board. And I generally include my own religious postings, which looking back on them I’m not particularly pleased with overall. Much the same for the integral blog scene, which I find mostly moribund at this point. [Exceptions abound of course, but generally that’s my sense–which is not some horrible awful tragedy btw].

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