Harold Ford’s Dem Prediction

I  just heard Ford (readers of this blog will know I have high regard for his opinions on political matters) say on MSNBC that the winner of North Carolina will be the nominee of the Democratic Primary.

Obama will win North Carolina.  And big.  Kos whose sense of these matters is often quite accurate, predicts a 20% Obama win in NC. Huge number of colleges, information economy sector vote in Charlotte particularly, and large numbers of African American voters.  That’s his wheelhouse.

BHO will win more delegates in NC than she will from Penn. And he will be win by a much more significant percentage margin.

If he wins North Carolina and Indiana (which will be closer), then it’s 100% over.

If Ford is right–and I think he is–then it’s just further proof of what is already a done deal:  Obama will be the nominee.

The question that still remains:  will Hillary pull back from the brink?  Or alternatively:  who can force her out?  What do they offer her to leave?  Because if she does in the face of clear defeat come out and embrace Obama’s candidacy, then she will win huge brownie points in the party, all this other stuff will become forgotten history as far as Democrats are concerned.

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  1. […] Ford Jr., who predicted that the winner of North Carolina would be the nominee a month and half ago, also raised the Unity Ticket […]

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