McCain’s First General Election Ad

Sad shot of his days in captivity.

One thing from it getting play is the rather strange formulation at the end:  “John McCain The American President Americans Have Been Waiting For.”

Why the American President?  Why not just The President Americans Have been Waiting For?  As opposed to say The American President non-Americans Have Been Waiting For–that’s Obama so not that one?

What about the reverse (indicating a non-American President possibly?)

Michael Crowley in TNR writes the following:

I’m pretty sick of the obsessive rhetoric-parsing game that’s been going on lately. And yet: That’s an awfully conspicuous formulation when your opponent has been accused of being unpatriotic and of murky foreign origin. All the more so given that it echoes Obama’s line, “we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Am I reading too much into it?

Perhaps, perhaps not Michael.  I’ll give my alternate theory—he’s still worried about being seen as constitutionally ineligible to hold the office of the Presidency from being born in the Panama Canal (possibly).   Nice preemptive strike in that context.  The American President…[I’m only being half-serious on this last point].

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