Iraq Act IV: A Responsible Plan

The Plan can be downloaded and read as well as the summary.

The Plan is built around two foci:  ending US involvement in Iraq and (more interestingly) undoing the mindset/architecture that got the US into Iraq in the first place.  In this the Responsible Plan sounds most like the Obama Doctrine.

As with all the plan in this thread, from the Baker-Hamilton through Obama’s to this one, all can be criticized I suppose for assuming that reconciliation can be achieved in Iraq.  I tend to lean towards the Biden-Gelb plan, but only again if chosen by the Iraqis.

The Responsible Plan (p.14) then goes on to call for the creation of a Nation-Building & Reconstruction (a la Thomas Barnett) except that they want to put this in the State Department. This seems highly mistaken–putting it within the State Department that is.  But the idea itself is sorely needed.

Then Part II, the most important part of this document in my mind–restoring transparency and accountability in the governance, in the wake of the erosion of the rule of law under President Bush (43).

It starts  on p. 18 of the Document:  eliminate signing statements (huge), end torture, revise FISA (stop illegal wiretapping).

Then the re-building of the Army (a new GI Bill).

The real strengths of this document is not the Responsible Plan Itself on Iraq, but on the future of US governance–state Department, Military, Executive Branch, etc.

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