RIP Moses

I have no deep comment on the death of Charlton Heston–other than to wish him well in the happy hunting grounds he now roams. And hunt he will no doubt.

So while everyone remembers (well maybe not everyone) Ten Commandments and Ben Hur and rightfully so, I submit his greatest film role is in Touch of Evil (1958 Orson Welles directed). If you have never seen, you must. You must. Mind blowingly brilliant.

Enjoy the first five minutes of this classic (and yes that’s Janet Leigh of future Psycho fame as mustachioed “Mexican” Heston’s wife):

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  1. That was great. very cool cinematography in the opening shot. Ive still got to go with Planet of the Apes though…

  2. B,

    Thanks for the post. I’m digging the new blog.

    Planet of the Apes does have possibly his two greatest lines (other than “Soilant Green is people!!!!).


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