Quote of the Day (Chuck Todd)

Writing about why McCain in the short/mid term needs a Democratic nominee to help him establish contrast, Chuck Todd provides a piece of information that is another why HIllary should seriously consider dropping out (if of course she actually thinks Obama would be a better prez than McCain which I’m not sure she does):

Currently polls show McCain either narrowly ahead or even with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. It is impressive considering how poorly the GOP, and specifically the president, are viewed by the public. But it is a faux lead. If the de facto Democratic nominee is clear within the next 4-6 weeks, that person will see a poll bounce. And according to GOP pollster Steve Lombardo, it could be one heck of a bounce, like post convention. He anticipates the Democratic candidate will move up 10 points once the primary race is over.

That will be a jolting set of numbers for the McCain camp to absorb. They ought to be prepping the media now, because if they wait for the inevitable overreaction of the pundit class, the bounce will take on more importance.

The initial bounce will set the polling numbers – the floor and ceiling – for the Democrats, who clearly have the generic advantage this cycle. Those parameters will dictate the morale within the GOP base.

Todd then goes on to say that if McCain can hold 10 down he will have a shot but if the lead widens to say 15, the fat lady might want to start warming up.  This I think is the real downside of the continued Democratic (non?)debate.  Not the in-fighting, not the possibility of kneecapping per se, but rather than McCain can’t be taken on early and have his poor campaign, fund raising, and message taken down by Obama.  McCain’s organization has more holes than a pound of swiss fromage.  They are hidden for now because of the Dem in-fighting.

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