Memo to Dumb Canadian Right-Winger Theo Caldwell

Writing on American politics in a Canadian paper (National Post).

Memo reads: Get our f@*#ing electoral system down before you tell me how Barack Obama can’t win the fall!

Exhibit A courtesy Mr. Caldwell who says that Obama can not win because of comments by his wife, his ex-pastor, himself at a fund raiser (“bittergate”), and evil figures like William Ayers (pay no attention to that war, deficit, economic woe, or health care debacle). Caldwell who appears to have been hit upside the head with a stupid stick writes the following:

Anomalous among Western leaders, the president of the United States serves as head of both state and government. Moreover, he is elected directly by the voters, unlike in a parliamentary system whereby a leader attains power through the success of his party (my emphasis).

Uh, ever heard of a little thing called The Electoral College dude? So no we don’t directly elect our president. The College does. But thanks for playing–Don Pardo tell him what he wins. “You win a free copy of The American Political System 101”.

And if you think that’s hairsplitting ask President Al Gore for his opinion on the matter.

That aside, wonderful smear job. Stay classy sir.

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