the patriot defense cushion

One thing that I haven’t seen get any comment yet in the whole “lapel-gate” (non)controversy is the larger issue of what I think will be some hedging and defensive ideological crouches taken on the right (were Obama to win).  What I mean is this.

During the Clinton years, the Gingrichites attempted what to my mind at the time was a coup in the wing nutty impeachment proceedings.  It was these same people who have defended the current president (who happens to be a Republican) and used any criticism of the president as a charge of disloyalty.  Especially since we are in a time of war.

By coming out as they will that Obama is not a patriot not only do they try to slime him and make people vote against him based on non-rational fear (as opposed to legitimate arguments which can be made against his candidacy).  What this also does is allow them were Obama to become the next president to cover themselves lest the be accused of hypocrisy.  i.e. Once they start attacking him from day one (think of how Hugh Hewitt will embrace the Obama presidency for example) and then liberals (at the very least) will say “But you told us that we had to be loyal to the president”.  There response will be some couched version of “he’s not a patriot so my patriotism is to call out his danger to the country”.

If we are really lucky I’ll hear some right-wingers defend the now oft-liberal quoted “Speaking Truth to Power” against an Obama administration.

Which will be nice to see these sides change positions (if this occurs) and everybody’s hypocrisy shown up for what it is.  Loyalty only matters when it’s my guy/gal in the office and Speaking Truth to Power matters when it’s the other side’s person.

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