A Word from Mr. Super

Anonymous Super-delegate blogger.  On the 250 or so (so-called) uncommitted superdelegates:

As a reminder, I’ve stated that only about half of those 250 are actually persuadable.  You can split that pot of Supers into the “A” group and the “B” group.  And the “B” group ain’t doing anything until the  “A” groups decides.  What does this mean?  This means we can only realistically look at a group of roughly 125 persuadable Supers up for grabs in this election.

So we are waiting around for 125 people to make up their minds about this race–WTF?  Only the Democrats could be so dumb (I’m very glad to be an independent today of all days).  And the other 125 (the As and Bs) are just using/been freaked out by the Clinton-media narrative as cover to not say what they really think (i.e. most are probably for Obama).

Making judgments out of fear is never good strategy.  This case seems to be proving that rule.

i.e. To quote Mr. Super again there are essentially no undecided superdelegates simply undeclared ones.

Meaning (a little more charitably) they are waiting for a knockout punch.  Clinton has already lost, but he hasn’t “finished her” off just yet.  Keeps letting her hang around.  TX was by far much worse on this front than Penn.  He never had a chance there with Democratic-only voting and huge numbers of older voters.

It has to be Indiana otherwise it won’t be again until South Dakota and Montana (June 3).  If it goes all the way to the last of the nominations, I put John McCain’s chances of winning at 60%.  Now they are 45%.

What is the point when we know of every state (minus Indiana) who will win and generally by what margin.  What more information do they need to make up their damn minds?  Maybe Indiana.  He wins there as I’ve said before, then is the time for the supers to grow a pair and call a wrap on this thing.

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